Hepatitis Scotland e-Bulletin 2

Welcome to the second edition of our bulletin. This is a regular communication that aims to update you on issues relating to viral hepatitis in Scotland. In addition to regular news, in the future we plan an ongoing series of articles based around prevention, support, treatment, awareness and capacity building issues. We will also seek to highlight the latest research findings in an Interesting News section. This is a re-send of the original version of e-Bulletin 2, now updated with audio versions for some of the stories.

Podcast E Bulletin
A number of the Hepatitis E Bulletin stories are  now available in an audio version via a podcast. These are read by Will, a volunteer for Hepatitis Scotland based in Edinburgh. Will has been living C positive for nearly 30 years and readily volunteers his time to help others affected by Hepatitis C. Please click on the link below the story to access the podcast.


Hepatitis Scotland is the national third sector organisation in Scotland, funded by the Scottish Government to provide support and leadership to voluntary sector organisations in tackling viral hepatitis in Scotland.

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World Hepatitis Day


World Hepatitis Day  This article gives an overview of some of the regional Scottish events including those in Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Edinburgh, Inverclyde, Aberdeen and Lanarkshire, a number of which were supported by Hepatitis Scotland.

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Scotland sets European lead for tackling Hepatitis C

SCOTLAND’s pioneering role in tackling Hepatitis C is setting a European lead in education on medical and social practice for combating the virus                                    Podcast

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Sexual Health & BBV Framework


Hepatitis Scotland welcomes new National  Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework.

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Spotlight on Services

Spotlight on Services  Every month Hepatitis Scotland will turn the spotlight on a voluntary organisation that supports people with Hepatitis C. This month we are looking at C Plus in Edinburgh. Podcast

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Better future for HCV patients

THE future is better for people with Hepatitis C, according to one of the country’s leading experts   .http://www.hepatitisscotland.org.uk/index.php/searchresults/latest-news/#professorthomas                                                              Podcast

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Leon takes lead post at Hepatitis Scotland


LEON Wylie has taken up the post of Lead Officer for Hepatitis Scotland, the new voluntary sector organisation leading Scotland’s voluntary sector response to viral hepatitis.

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IEP increases but still 7 million kits short

A TOTAL of 4.68 million needles/syringes were distributed in Scotland last year – up 300,000 on the previous year’s figures, according to newly published statistics.

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