Hepatitis Scotland e-Bulletin 6


Glasgow Networking event

 Hepatitis Scotland and the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Hepatitis Managed Care Network (MCN) held an innovative networking event in Glasgow on the 7th December.          Report

Spotlight on Services -- C-Level

Each month the Hepatitis Scotland eBulletin turns the spotlight on local service providers to highlight the positive work being carried out in local communities in response to their own specific challenges. This not only gives us a chance to celebrate the crucial work being done, but also gives an opportunity to share best practice and innovative ideas between service providers. This month's spotlight focuses on C-Level, a peer-led hepatitis C service which has been working in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area for 10 years, supporting those either infected with or affected by hepatitis C and working to prevent new HCV infections.        Report

National Patient Involvement Group

On Thursday 26th of January, Hepatitis Scotland will be hosting the first National Patient Involvement Group for people affected by Hepatitis C.  In the longer term we are aiming to achieve Scotland-wide and key demographic representation, and are looking for nominations from people who would be interested in this opportunity.  This group will come together a number of times a year to give opinions and insights on issues relating to viral hepatitis, potentially including local and national frameworks, policy and practice, information sharing and treatment and support issues. This would include highlighting particular issues or research with relevant MCNs. If you know someone that could potentially represent your local area, please contact Lesley Bon, Patient Involvement Officer, for more information, email: Lesley@hepatitisscotland.org.uk or call/text 07771561890.

Hepatitis C Trust is 10

The Hepatitis C trust has marked it's 10th anniversary with a  Newsletter.

Petra Wright , the Hepatitis C Trust's Scotland Officer said "Scotland continues to be a world leader in tackling the hepatitis C epidemic. The Hepatitis C Trust have been involved since 2004 in the development and implementation of the Action Plan and the subsequent Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework. We look forward to continued collaborative working across the sector to achieve our vision that no-one dies from this preventable and treatable disease and ultimately it is all but eradicated in the UK."  Report.

There's gold in them there pills? 

Companies developing new forms of hepatitis C treatments rose on speculation they may follow Inhibitex  and Pharmasset  as acquisition targets by major pharmaceutical companies.  

Bristol-Myers Squibb said on Jan. 7 it would pay about U.S. $2.5 billion  in cash to buy Inhibitex and Pharmasset was recently acquired for U.S. $10.8 Billion. Both acquired companies are developing anti-virals that can be used without inteferon. Inhibitex' key drug was developed at Cardiff University.


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