European HIV and Hepatitis Testing Week




HIV and Hepatitis European Testing Week 2015, spanning the length and breadth of Europe with partners participating from 56 countries, is an excellent opportunity to increase awareness regarding the benefits of HIV and hepatitis testing. By making testing a normal health event, it can enable and empower people to access BBV testing without fear of stigma, discrimination or criminalisation. This means more people currently living with HIV and/or Hepatitis B and C become aware of their diagnosis, become knowledgeable about their risks and understand that there is effective treatment available.

The theme for this year’s testing week is Test. Treat. Prevent, with the aim of supporting ongoing dialogue between all partners in the HIV and hepatitis communities, in order to:

  • Encourage people who could be at risk of HIV and/or hepatitis to get a test
  • Encourage healthcare professionals to offer an HIV and/or hepatitis test as part of routine care in specific settings and conditions (in line with present European guidelines)
  • Support and unite community organisations to scale up HIV and/or hepatitis testing as far as possible and share lessons learned between countries
  • Make more policy makers aware of the individual, societal and economic benefits of HIV and hepatitis testing initiatives and how to evaluate testing practices.

Reducing late diagnosis by communicating the benefits of, and carrying out, testing can have a massive impact on people with chronic infections. With early access to treatment, current HIV and Hepatitis B treatments allow people to live a full healthy life. Hepatitis C is now completely curable in most cases.


Hepatitis Scotland and HIV Scotland have created two posters for Scottish services and a staff briefing guide and an online information booklet and guide for running a testing week conversation cafe.


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