Brewing Up A Perfect Storm: Alcohol, Drugs and Hepatitis C (24 June 2015)


"Brewing Up A Perfect Storm: Alcohol, Drugs & Hepatitis C" was the theme for Hepatitis Scotland's annual conference on 24 June 2015 at the COSLA Conference Centre in Edinburgh.


The day consisted of a 100 delegates, including clinicians, workers and representatives, Drug and Alcohol Treatment services and specialist hepatitis C services, taking part in a variety of lectures and debate on the effect of alcohol on those infected with hepatitis C.


The conference's theme was based on findings of a large French study that showed of all liver-related events in people with hepatitis C, nearly half occurred in those with alcohol use disorders and only 14% in people with hepatitis C who had neither an alcohol use disorder or other co-morbidity.


Hepatitis Scotland, in conjunction with Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP), focused the conference on the health impact of alcohol on those who are affected by hepatitis C and highlight current practice implications.


The conference provided a platform for an array of speakers, each forward thinkers and active members in the field relating to hepatitis C, drugs and/or alcohol.


Presentations included:


Photos from the event can be viewed on SDF's Flickr account, which can be accessed here:


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