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National Clinical Guidelines for the treatment of HCV in adults: January 2017

January 2017: Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) and National Services Scotland (NSS) have published an updated National Clinical Guidelines for the treatment of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) in adults. The guidelines aim to provide guidance to NHS board drug and therapeutics committees on the recommended place in treatment of available HCV drugs taking into consideration SMC guidance, clinical effectiveness and price.


Visiting Espace Gaia: Paris' first drug consumption facility

A report from our Patient Involvement Officer on a visit to Espace Gaia, Paris' first drug consumption facility, as part of a two-day hepatitis C seminar hosted by Correlation Network.


Staying Alive in Scotland: strategies to combat drug-related deaths

The aim of this report is to encourage a wider and more holistic view of drug-related deaths (DRD) in Scotland and stimulate actions which can reduce the high death toll among people with a drug problem in Scotland.


Click here to read the report "Staying Alive in Scotland"

Click here for the consultation draft


Chemsex in Scotland: Starting the conversation

During October and November 2015, key voluntary and statutory sector organisations in Scotland organised a series of ‘Starting the Conversation’ events in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow on Chemsex in Scotland.

The national series of events, bringing together key groups to learn, and contribute to discussions on current knowledge and practice regarding Chemsex in Scotland, and how to better respond to an emerging public health issue have been brought together in this report.


National HCV Patient Satisfaction Survey 2015 - Key results

Key findings from the National Patient Satisfaction Survey 2015, carried out across 6 NHS boards in Scotland to determine the level of patient satisfaction in HCV clinics.


Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework for Scotland: 2015-2020 Update

An update to the Framework that highlights new areas of work, while maintaining previous key workstreams.


National clinical guidance on the treatment of hepatitis C virus

New national guidance on the treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV) has been released in Scotland, following a review of clinical evidence by expert stakeholders. The content of this guidance has been determined by a systematic review, expert consensus and national contract pricing for the products.


The new guidance advises Sofosbuvir-based regimens as the first-line prescribing choice for treating the majority of patients with genotypes 1, 2 and 3. Where no contraindication exists, the recommended first-line regimen should be selected for prescribing in Scotland.


The development of the national guidance has been a collaboration between Scotland’s clinical leads in viral hepatitis, National Services Scotland and Healthcare Improvement Scotland. Regimens have been considered for inclusion in the guidance where at least one clinical trial has demonstrated a Sustained Viral Response (SVR) of at least 90% and the medicines have been accepted for use by the Scottish Medicines Consortium; the relative place in treatment for regimens meeting these criteria has been determined by cost. First-line treatment options are shown within the guideline in bold font.


National Drug and Alcohol Research Framework

The Scottish Government, in collaboration with leading academics in the drugs field, nationally commissioned organisations, NHS Health Scotland and ISD Scotland have developed this research framework document. Its aim is to further progress research into problem drug use, the common comorbidities encountered with it and how individuals can recover from problem drug use, while also addressing the associated wider issues.


Access to new treament and therapies report of the ministerial sub-group

The Scottish Government asked Health Protection Scotland in late 2013 to lead a group, accountable to the Minister for Public Health, to generate a set of guiding principles for service providers and users to ensure that Scotland maintained its global leadership and investment in Hepatitis C service provision and secured the greatest benefit from these outstanding therapeutic advances.


Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework for Scotland: 2011-2015

The Scottish Government's integrated strategy for tackling blood borne virus infections in Scotland.


National Viral Hepatitis Resource Index

This is a live index listing all available published viral hepatitis resources available either online or in hard copy in Scotland. This includes third sector resources, NHS resources, drug company resources and more. Resources are listed by organisation with detailed breakdowns of topics covered, languages, target populations etc which can be easily searched and identified.


We have also published a user guide explaining how to perform a search.


National 2014 Patient Conference Report

A report from the Hepatitis Patient's Conference held in Stirling in March, 2014.




Viral hepatitis: publications and statistics

Publications and research specifically dealing with viral hepatitis. This includes latest Health Protection Scotland statistics on viral hepatitis in Scotland.


Harm reduction publications and statistics

Research and publications on topics such as needle exchange, safer injecting and other related harm reduction subjects.


Policy publications

Reseach and publications on topics including Welfare Reform, deprivation, poverty and more. Includes Hepatitis Scotland and HIV Scotland research into patient views on Welfare Reform.


General publications

This includes publications and research on a wide range of topics with some relevance to viral hepatitis and blood borne viruses. Topics include BBVs, sexual health, law and stigma.


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