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This page provides links to various services, charities, organisations and other bodies across the UK and internationally who deal with viral hepatitis.


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Scotland- and UK-based

  • SHBBV Framework Data Portal
    An open access data portal, produced by Health Protection Scotland, to support the Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework. The portal has a range of indicator tables, with data presented at NHS board level where possible.
  • Waverley Care
    Waverley Care provides care and support to people living in Scotland with HIV and Hepatitis C, and to their partners, families and carers. It also strives to raise awareness of these conditions and their prevention.
  • The Hepatitis C Trust
    The Hepatitis C Trust is a UK-based, patient-led and patient-run organisation providing information, support and representation to those affected by hepatitis C. It also works to raise awareness about the disease and combat discrimination against people living with hepatitis C. It has a Scottish office based in Edinburgh.
  • Positive Help
    Positive Help offers volunteer-led practical help to those affected by HIV and hepatitis C in Edinburgh and the Lothians.
  • Lanarkshire HIV and Hepatitis
    This website provides comprehensive info on HIV and viral hepatitis with specific service info by NHS Lanarkshire.
  • British Liver Trust
    The British Liver Trust offers patient information and support for all liver conditions, raising awareness about liver health.
  • Hepatitis B Foundation UK
    The Hepatitis B Foundation offers advice and information to individuals with HBV infection or to their families and friends, providing a 'bespoke' service by phone/email/post.
  • Hep C Positive

    Hep C Positive is a project run by Liver4Life, based in the UK. It offers support and information project on hepatitis C.

  • UK Hepatitis C Forum
    The UK Hepatitis C Forum is an online message board supporting patients, families and carers affected by hepatitis C.

  • The Skipton Fund
    The Skipton Fund is a UK-wide ex gratia payment scheme to make payments to certain people who were infected with hepatitis C through treatment with NHS blood or blood products prior to September 1991, and to other persons eligible for payment in accordance with the scheme's provisions.

  • The Haemophilia Society
    The Haemophilia Society is the UK’s national and independent organisation for all people affected by bleeding disorders. The Society is led by affected people and works in close partnership with the NHS. It provides information and support for all people affected by bleeding disorder and represents their interests.
  • Haemophilia Scotland
    Haemophilia Scotland is a registered charity based in Scotland for people who have haemophilia, von Willebrands and other bleeding disorders. It is an organisation for anyone who has these blood-related conditions, and provides support and a united representative voice when speaking with the medical profession, with government, with the rest of Scottish society, and when connecting with other people with these blood-related conditions throughout the world.


International organisations

  • World Hepatitis Alliance
    World Hepatitis Alliance provides global leadership to drive action to eliminate viral hepatitis, working with governments, members and other key partners.
  • Hepatitis B Info
    Hepatitis B Info is an extensive interactive educational resource designed to improve the lives of people living with chronic hepatitis B by providing information and tools to guide them through the different stages of chronic hepatitis B from diagnosis to long-term disease management. Although developed primarily for patients it is also a helpful resource for healthcare professionals.
  • Hepatitis Australia
    Hepatitis Australia provides national leadership and advocacy on viral hepatitis. It provides advocacy activities, raises awareness and produces print and online educational resources. It also manages a national resource network and a hepatitis educators network.
  • Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand
    Provides comprehensive information on viral hepatitis in New Zealand.


You can also find information on viral hepatitis services across Scotland by visiting our Service Finder.



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