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  • February 12, 2019
    Have you booked your ticket for our upcoming conference? ūü§Ē Click the link to secure your place:‚Ķ https://t.co/bFfUr06u5t
  • February 9, 2019
    We facilitate Voices Forums for people diagnosed with Hepatitis C. They are a place to raise and discuss issues imp… https://t.co/6vsKDaWN19
  • February 6, 2019
    Led by the co-chairs @ProfJohnDillon & Dr Esther Aspinall, the day will explore and highlight good practice opportu… https://t.co/rFPMNan8iW

Patient Opinion

As part of our remit leading the voluntary sector response to viral hepatitis, Hepatitis Scotland is working with Patient Opinion to find out about about your experiences of viral hepatitis care from the NHS, good or bad. Patient Opinion is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that runs a website where you can share those experiences.

At Hepatitis Scotland, we know that there are lots of different experiences out there, good and bad. Patient Opinion is one way of getting those stories heard, not only to celebrate good practice but also to highlight areas where Scottish services could improve the patient experience. Please consider telling your story on Patient Opinion. It’s free, anonymous and confidential and you could make a difference, big or small, to the way health services for you and others are provided.


Patient Opinion make sure that your stories get to the right bit of the health services so that they can make a difference. They have agreements with a number of Scottish Health Boards and are in discussion with many others.You can visit the Patient Opinion website here, or use the form below (the story goes directly to Patient Opinion) .

This is a great way to give feedback, nationally, on how you feel about your health services. Is your NHS getting it right for everyone affected by viral hepatitis? Tell Patient Opinion and the NHS what you think.


You can view the Patient Opinion terms of use here.



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