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 hepcscot-fb-180px-A.jpg   World Hepatitis Day 2015

Once again there is a huge amount of activity taking place around World Hepatitis Day this year. With the inaugural World Hepatitis Summit taking place in Glasgow in September, activity will continue throughout August. The HepCscot campaign will be launched on July 27th in Glasgow for its 3rd year. The HepCscot website is undergoing a revamp and will be launched on the same day.


Along with our third sector partners we will also be running a series of events aimed at addressing the emerging issue of chemsex among gay and bi-sexual men. A campaign Facebook page has been created which you can visit here


Events taking place this year are:


Greater Glasgow and Clyde

  • Glasgow North East Conversation Cafe, Monday July 27th, Church of the Nazarene, Parkhead
  • Glasgow South Conversation Cafe, Friday August 28th, Adelphi Centre, Glasgow
  • Play Hard, Stay Safe MSM event, Thursday 20th August, Luke and Jack, Glasgow
  • Glasgow North West Conversation Cafe, Thursday September 3rd, Whiteinch Centre, Glasgow
  • Play Hard, Stay Safe MSM event, Wednesday August 19th, Gay Men's Health Offices Edinburgh
  • Hep C Awareness Days, August 10th and 11th, HMP Edinburgh
  • Play Hard, Stay Safe MSM event, Aberdeen, Alcohol Support, Aberdeen
For more information on any of these events please contact david@hepatitisscotland.org.uk or call 0141 225 0419 or view them in our events calendar by selecting the date.
Other event information will be added as it is confirmed.


 World Hepatitis Day 2014

The Evaluation Report for the Scottish World Hepatitis Day activities in 2014 is now available to view here.


World Hepatitis Day 2014 saw a wide range of activity and events taking place across the country. The HepCscot campaign ran for a second consecutive year with the 'Ever injected? Get tested. Hep C it can be cured' bus advertisements in 5 health board areas supplemented with 18 conversation cafe and awareness raising events taking place across the country. Many of these events also offered DBS testing for BBVs. The Scottish World Hepatitis Day steering group members also heavily supported the World Hepatitis Alliance International Event on July 27th and 28th in St Enoch Square Glasgow. You can view photographs of this year's activities on the campaign Facebook page.



There was national event this year however there were a large number of Hepatitis C Conversation Cafes and Awareness Events taking place throughout Scotland. The national report on these will be available shortly, along with individual write ups of each event.


World Hepatitis Day 2014 Campaign Pack

This campaign pack is intended to support health boards and organisations who may wish to run activities or events around or on World Hepatitis Day on July 28th, which in turn will support the national advertising campaign. The campaign is due to start on the the 7th of July and will once again see Big Red Cs on display in cities across Scotland and bus and train advertisements in various healthboard areas with the slogans 'Ever injected? Get tested' and 'See it, treat it, beat it - Hep C. It can be cured'.


 Download the World Hepatitis Day Campaign Pack 2014.

The campaign is a joint effort by Hepatitis Scotland, Waverley Care, The Hepatitis C Trust, Positive Help and Addaction to raise awareness of Hepatitis C around World Hepatitis Day. 


World Hepatitis Day 2013 Summary






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